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From Alumnies

From Alumnies

‘It is a faculty with a high-level quality of education and strives to become better with the accredited programs like AASCB. It is keen on its students and the students have a say in management. There is always support for business life after graduation.’

Mehmet Esad Ede - International Trade (2021)

‘I love my faculty and department, it has provided me with a lot of information and value and guided me for my self-improvement and career planning. My lecturers also provided me with a lot of information and helped me in every sense, so I love both my university, my faculty, and my lecturers.’

Filiz Kara - Business Administration (2020)

‘You train fully qualified Health Managers with your academic staff, and we realize it better when we compare our knowledge by applying it with our colleagues in the workforce. I believe that a health manager equipped with this qualification will reach the best spots with perseverance.’

Oya Adıyaman - Health Management (2020)

‘The Human Resources Management department should be studied in Sakarya! Its education, location, lecturers, and the values they provide us are so significant... We sincerely greet and thank our lecturers who broadened our horizons.’

Handenur Kılıç - Human Resources Management (2019)

‘Looking back, I can’t think of anything to say but “fortunately.” Because every good, bad, difficult, easy feeling that I have encountered in my school life has prepared me one step at a time for the person I am supposed to be in business today.’

Özlem Terli - International Trade (2019)

‘In these days when it is not enough to just study, it is imperative to improve and always have up-to-date knowledge. I thank my school for supporting me in improving the social aspects as well.’

Suzan Takma - Business Administration (2019)

‘I am very lucky to have found a legendary teaching staff!’

 Büşra Fatma Havuş - Human Resources Management (2019) 

‘When you want to progress towards your goals, I want you to know that you have a wide network, as well as academics who will help you with this. Your initiatives, excitement, and successes will not be unsupported. Make the most of what it means to be in a school open to innovation and development, where you will be guided to move forward. Because school years are mentally the most effective and productive period, evaluating this process well will shape your career plans.’

Tolunay Fındık - International Trade (2019)

‘If only we were on campus right now and drinking tea in the cafeteria with my friends. That is what I miss the most.’

Batuhan Karakap - Management Information Systems (2019) 

‘Sakarya University is the turning point of my life. During the 2013-2018 season at the Faculty of Business, I had the opportunity to take lessons from invaluable and wise lecturers. This university that I studied for higher income taught me the virtue of morality, questioning, human emotions, and the power of production. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my esteemed lecturers and valuable university for adding this vision to me.’

Furkan Şahinöz - Business Administration (2018)

‘This is Management Information Systems, which was my single choice among forty preferences and I would do the same thing again.’

Aylin Öztürk - Management Information Systems (2018)

‘My dear faculty, which I studied with a great love, thank all my lecturers.’

Merve Sevdir Çayır - Business Administration (2017)

‘One who can talk about the faculty and department proudly in every environment with the knowledge and skill acquired from its professors, and who has learned the most nuanced aspects of their profession, from practical and experienced people, from lecturers who constantly keep up-to-date and learn how to keep up-to-date, and who has the opportunity to carry out all of its projects, improving themselves professionally, socially and culturally through student societies surely must have graduated from Department of International Trade of Sakarya University Business School. Not everyone has that luck. If they allow me to choose one more time, I would still choose the same department.’

Muhammet Şahin - International Trade (2017)

‘I left the department where I had started with some hesitation with great pleasure. I am happy...’

Zeynep Gül Çelebi - Business Administration (2017)

‘I would like to extend my endless thanks to the business department where I had no expectations at the start but learned a lot of areas that would improve myself as I studied and which have helped me get ready to the life and started my job which I am doing with great pleasure right now, and to my lecturers, who have strived to help their students by holding their current position to the top, and train people in the industry by staying involved.’

Feyyaz Akkaya - Business Administration (2017)

‘My dear department, my dear faculty, where I learn about humanity and acquire the right networks.’

Gökberk Gören - Management Information Systems (2018) 

‘I talk about my academic training in Human Resources Management and my lecturers with praise and aspiration in every environment where I do my job. Fortunately, the Human Resources Management, fortunately, Sakarya University...’

Gülşah Aydın Tosun - Human Resources Management (2017) 

‘Everything our lecturers said came out, they exactly prepared us for life.’

Ömer Faruk Uslu - Business Administration (2014)

‘I'm a graduate of business from business school. I would like to mention to the students that they are at a wonderful university and department... Right now, I think they need to know that they have studied at one of Turkey’s leading universities, both in terms of academics, quality and success, and location. I think they're very lucky.’

Muhammed Yücel - Business Administration (2013)

‘The value of sitting at the desks of the university hosting the best lecturers of Turkey is understood much better after entering the business world. People miss what they love. I would like to express my gratitude to my esteemed lecturers for both guiding me in the future and adding important values to my life.’

Seyfettin Kacır - Business Administration (2013)