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Congresses and Symposiums of 2019
6th International Congress On Accounting and Finance Research

6th International Congress on Accounting and Finance Research

At the congress to be held in Niğde on 3-25 October 2019;

Participation in the congress, which will be held under the main theme of "Environmental Sustainability and Renewable Energy", can be attended with all original research in the field of accounting and finance. Some topics in the field of accounting and finance are listed below in order to guide the studies to be presented:

 Accounting and Finance Research in Banking and Insurance Services

Environmental Accounting and Finance Research

Accounting-Finance Research in the Digital Age

Accounting-Finance Studies from an Islamic Perspective

Accounting and Finance Studies from the Perspective of Corporate Governance

Accounting Standards (IFRS, BOBİ FRS, Auditing Standards, Quality Standards)

Capital Markets

Accounting and Finance Studies from a Historical, Cultural and Philosophical Perspective

Derivatives and Risk Management

- Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crowdfunding