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Actions of Advisory Board

Actions of Our Advisory Board

Impactful Intellectual Contributions Awarded

Prof. Dr. Remzi Altunışık, who has the highest H index with 30 and Ahmet Karakiraz, who has the highest H value of 8 among the research assistants in our faculty, were awarded by our Advisory Board for their achievements at the meeting held at the Dean's Office

Transformation in Higher Education Conference

We held the "Strategic Transformation in Higher Education After the Pandemic" conference where our Advisory Board member and Vice Rector of the French Emlyon School Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Atamer  was the speaker, on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, with the participation of our faculties. At the meeting, it was discussed how the ongoing and accelerating transformation in societies will change higher education and especially the teaching methods that fall within the subject of Teaching Effectiveness, the Standard 12 of AACSB accreditation.

Our New Advisory Board Member: Prof. Dr. Tugrul ATAMER

Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Atamer who worked in France between 2002 and 2012 in the field of strategic management and working as the Dean of Emlyon that is one of the oldest schools and one of the best business schools in the world in terms of postgraduate education, became a member of our School’s Advisory Board. Also, Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Atamer was the chairman of the board of directors of Emlyon for a while.
We believe that he will contribute significantly to the development of our school and
our accreditation process with his managerial experience, AACSB mentoring and school evaluation team experiences in Emlyon which has seven campuses on three continents around the world.
Prof. Atamer graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1972 and completed his doctorate in Strategic Management at the University of Grenoble.Apart from his academic career, Atamer has designed and implemented special programs for the
promising executive group of many international organizations (eg Alcatel, Totalfina, Société Général, IBM-France, Sodexho, Auchan, General Motors, Ingersoll Rand, Virezon, etc.). He advises companies such as Total, Sodexho, Carrefour, Groupe Usinor-Mécagis, Esys-Montenay and Albert on the development and implementation of international strategies, and the management of corporate change.

A New Step In Our AOL

Sakarya University Business School is implementing an important move in line with its goal of offering world-class educational opportunities to its students. Under the sponsorship of the Faculty Advisory Board, an agreement was reached for a new cooperation with the Finnish-based firm Cesim, the world's leading developer of Business and Strategy Simulations. Cesim is a well-known education technology company with its web-based online simulations. Sakarya University is now included in Cesim'list of more than 500 academic services, including the best universities in
the world.

Business and Strategy Simulations, which are a tool to transform the theoretical education offered in higher education institutions into practice, make them even more ready for the real dynamics of business life by improving students' skills such as holistic thinking, business intelligence, strategic decision making and analytical perspective with experiential learning methods.

In the simulation game, which will be played on a digital platform within the scope of distance education, students will compete with each other in teams. This application, where each team will manage their own virtual companies, will be played in the form of consecutive financial years. After the teams submit the decisions they have taken regarding all functions of the business they manage to the system, analysis sessions will be held at the end of each fiscal year, where company performances are evaluated.

The technology of simulation, which allows all participants in a team to make their own individual decisions, will enable students in the same team to first present their own perspectives and then to agree on a common decision set as a team. With the platform reporting system, it also includes the ability to compare all results on the basis of teams and to reconstruct strategies for the next fiscal years.

At the end of this program, in which 30 students were included for five weeks in the first section, a certificate of participation will be given to the students by the company, and it will be documented that they have passed this worldwide and reputable educational process.

2nd Meeting of Advisory Board

After the first meeting, the members who came together to discuss the projects that started to mature, discussed the resultsof the survey expressing the opinions of the business world on school graduates and the point where the preparations for the corporate internship program have come.

One of the most important outcomes of the meeting was the decision of the advisory board to purchase the world-renowned business simulation software, which was decided to be brought to the faculty by the representatives of the business world. It will be an important step in our software accreditation process in our compliance with the Standard 8.

We held the first meeting of the 2nd Term Advisory Board

On April 1, 2021, our Advisory Board held the first meeting of its new term with full participation.

At the meeting, the point reached in the accreditation process of our school, the contributions of the advisory board to this process, the revision of the curriculum, the internship, job and training opportunities to be provided to the students, and the issues of supporting scientific studies were discussed.

The 2nd Term Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa Cahit UNGAN: Dean of Business School

  • Prof. Dr. Mahmut AKBOLAT: Director of Graduate School of Business

  • Assoc. Dr. Emrah ÖZSOY: Vice Dean and Accreditation Coordinator

  • Dr. Osman USLU: Vice Dean

  • Adnan BORAZANCIOĞLU: Bortek Engineering - Chairman of the Board

  • Ali İhsan GÜNEŞ: FGİ Door and Loading Technologies Inc.- Board Member (company)

  • Fatma Duygu YEDEKÇİ: Neutec Medicine - Project and Human Resources Manager (company)

  • Ertuğrul KOCACIK: Chairman of the Sakarya SMMM (Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor) Chamber (organization)

  • Haşim YÜCEL: Neutec Medicine - Facility Manager (company)

  • Necmettin ARMAN: Duratiles BG - General Manager and Country Manager (company)

  • Özgür KOCA: Dempar Parquet - Business Development, Export and Mega Projects Responsible  (company)

  • Yıldız BEZEK: DRC Rubber -  Commercial Director  (company)

Advisory Board Pre-Meeting Preparation

Business people discussed the structure of Advisory Board, expectations and the possible opportunities for Sakarya Business School.

We are renewing our Advisory Board

In our work for the renewal of our Advisory Board, on March 23, we discussed the structure of the board and the actions it will take in the upcoming period with the representatives of business world: Adnan Borazancıoğlu; the owner of Bortek Engineering, and Ali İhsan Güneş; the partner of FGİ company.